Weddings at St. James


The Cathedral team can offer you a simple, but beautiful ceremony using the very best of a traditional wedding in modern English, and a range of prayers and readings that you choose with the celebrant.  A range of music can also be arranged with the celebrant and organist. The use of uncomplicated Christian vows, reflecting a modern partnership of inclusion and equality, will underline your desire to make this commitment the most meaningful choice in your life together.


In the Cathedral you are encouraged to use the building or garden for photos. The cloisters or the side garden can also be used for simple catering or drinks. There is disabled access.

For a smaller, quieter service, we have the delightfully restored church in Belgian Gardens, and a simple, well kept church on Magnetic Island with a great view of the hill as a back-drop inside.

Contact us for a ‘no obligation’ meeting.

Date and time can be confirmed by the payment of a deposit against costs.