Cathedral Choir

The Anglican Cathedral (St. James) is in need of a regular cathedral choir to prepare for the monthly Evensong and other occasions.

We would like to trial a Wednesday rehearsal from 6 to 7pm (after the evening eucharist) - not every week but at least twice a month. 

You do not need to be part of the Cathedral parish or even the Anglican community to join the Evensong choir. If you just want to come along and sing and are able to contribute to the Evensong service every now and then you are most welcome to join.  

Rehearsals for the next months will be on the following Wednesdays: 

18 May / 25 May / 1 June (in preparation of Evensong on 5 June)

8 June / 29 June (in preparation of Evensong on 3 July)

6 July / 13 July (in preparation of Evensong on 7 August)

The Wednesday rehearsals are especially for those who would like to become familiar with the repertoire. People who know the repertoire (or can prepare on their own) can join for Evensong on the day. We will get together around 4pm or 4:30pm on the Evensong Sundays to get ready for Evensong at 6pm. 

If you are interested in joining the Evensong choir, please let me know. (NB: there is no charge or other obligation to join.) 

Let me know whether you would like to come to the Wednesday rehearsals or will prepare on your own and join on the day (I will send you the music).

Anne Milanovic


0426 610 291