We endeavour to:

  • Extend the influence of the Cathedral in the Diocese and City of Townsville
  • Help to ensure, for future generations, the presence and security of a great building which continues to be an inspiration to all who visit it
  • Encourage the development of community interest and contact with the Cathedral to promote pastoral, cultural and historical programs
  • Support the Chapter in their concern for the physical welfare of the Cathedral
  • Provide support for Cathedral events
  • Provide support through regular financial membership
  • Act as stewards and/or guides to exercise a ministry to visitors
  • Assist in the Cathedral Gift Shop (when established)
  • Provide financial support for particular projects that help to maintain or enhance the Cathedral
  • Sponsor social events and assist with their organisation, including catering
  • Sponsor events where members of the Cathedral community and invited guests may have an exchange of views on matters of mutual interest and/or learn more about activities of the Cathedral
  • Support social events which can provide opportunities for networking and outreach to the wider community
  • Actively seek to expand membership

Become a member

Make a difference! Become a Member. Everyone is welcome to join.


Membership Fees: Ordinary Membership $30, Family $40, Corporate $250, Life $500, Concession (Student/Pensioner) $20, Remote $20.


Any enquiries, please send us an email to stjamescathedral@hotmail.com We'd love to hear from you.

Office Bearers

President: Rev. Shirley Thomson

Vice-President: Canon Mary Gallagher

Treasurer: Jennie Roberts

Secretary: Marcia Morrison