St James' Cathedral Concerts


Next concert: 

17 April, 4pm: String Sensations


To register your attendance, please fill out the form


Attendees need to sign in by either using the QR code at the Cathedral or by pre-registration and signing the list on the day. 


Coming up: 

1 May, 4pm: Ensembles of the Cathedral School

8 May, 4pm: Advanced Instrumental Students 

29 May, 4pm (TBC)

19 June, 4pm: Amadeus Singers

10 July, 4pm: Tropic Voices

24 July, 4pm: Delta Court Chamber Ensemble


4pm Saturdays


Entry to the one-hour long concerts is free; however, donations towards the mission of the Parish in the CBD and beyond are most appreciated. 


To find out more, go to our Facebook page or if you are interested in being on a mailing list about up-coming concerts, or if you are a musician and would like to offer a concert at St. James Cathedral, please contact Anne